Base æpp, AirGap Wallet and AE Blockchain Explorer

User-friendly transactions are now possible on the live æternity network!

Base æpp

The æternity team is thrilled to announce that AE users can now start transacting on the live æternity network using the user-friendly Base æpp and AirGap Wallet. Both are available for use on mobile devices. The Base æpp can be run in any mobile browser and is accessible at:

Additional functionalities will be added to the Base æpp in time including

  • state channel transactions,
  • governance-related voting,
  • name registrations,
  • oracle operator registrations and queries

The æpp will also feature a built-in æpp browser and will be used to authenticate all other applications in the æternity ecosystem. We aim to make æternity the most user-friendly open blockchain platform and the Base æpp is an important part of that vision. Start using it today!

AirGap Wallet

In addition to the Base æpp, AE live net token users can now make transactions through the mobile AirGap Wallet. The app can be installed on Android and iOS devices by following the link below.


You can use “ak_” addresses in the “Send To” field. The “0x..” will be fixed in the next release.

Anyone who has migrated their tokens in Phase 0 using the AirGap option will now be able to sync their AirGap Vault with the AirGap Wallet and start making secure AE transactions.

AE Blockchain Explorer

The æpp team also introduced an updated version of the æternity Blockchain Explorer. The tool will allow any AE user to check the balance of AE token addresses on the live net, receive information about key blocks, micro blocks and block generations. It will be further improved in the future with the aim to incorporate information about the different types of transactions possible on the æternity network and information about smart contracts. Access the explorer here:

Extra: Dashboard Bounty

To further improve the ability of the AE community to monitor the æternity network, a number of dashboards featuring essential information about the network state should be developed. Since this makes for a great community project, we just announced an open bounty for the perfect æternity dashboard.

Put your web-app development experience and creativity to good use and get some AE tokens!

Learn more about the æternity Dashboard Bounty below. Hurry up, the deadline for submissions is 23.12.2018!


If you have any question, comments or you have spotted a bug, let everyone know in the æpps-dedicated Forum topic.

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