Browser Wællet Extension, Hybrid Voting æpp and Dev Suite Updates

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The æternity æpp teams are working relentlessly to improve the developer tools and make it easier for æpp creators and entrepreneurs to make use of the æternity infrastructure.

You may already know that æternity has launched a weekly Product Coordinators call that is being live-streamed on YouTube.

During the public call, the leads of all æternity dev teams provide updates on their work, share information about the challenges they are facing, and announce the latest releases of the software they are working on. It is a must-watch for anyone who is interested in developing on æternity.

In addition to the video updates, the team leads also share written updates in the Forum. Since we have thousands of people looking into the æternity blog, we thought it made sense to extract the most interesting pieces of information coming from the dev teams and share it here.

We believe that in this way, essential information related to development on æternity will reach even more people.

Here is the first update from the bi-weekly (every other Monday) æternity Product Updates series.

æternity Browser Wællet Extension

A browser wallet extension for æternity will enable æpp creators and users to interact much more efficiently, enabling mass adoption of decentralized æpps.

The browser wallet or the Wællet, will provide an easy-to-use extension that will allow users to seamlessly create AE token wallets and interact with the blockchain in various ways. At the same time, it will make the development of applications on top of æternity much easier. The Wællet will mimic the functionality of MetaMask used for ETH and tokens, but will also enable features that make use of æternity’s unique technological stack.

Milen Radkov is currently leading the Wællet project. During the Coordinators call last Friday he mentioned that he managed to fix important bugs and implement some basic features which allow for the browser wallet extension to work with the æternity blockchain.

Milen launched a public Beta version of the Wællet that you can access and test here:

Here are the first Wællet screens:

Download and test it.

You are more than welcome to test the extension, which currently works with both the Testnet and the Mainnet. For the time being, it is recommended to use the Testnet. If you spot something, report it here or just post a message in this Forum topic. We will reward your support 😉

Hybrid Voting æpp

Enabling on-chain governance is one of the most important goals of the æternity project.

With this in mind, a small team led by Philipp Piwowarsky has been developing a Hybrid Voting æpp that will work with both — Mainnet AE tokens and ERC20 AE tokens.

The Voting æpp will allow anyone owning AE tokens to formally vote on any proposal by signing a transaction with the account that stores their AE tokens. Voting through the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet and using AirGap Vault will be supported!

Here is a short demo video:

In addition, here are some of the initial screens:

Click to enlarge.

In the past week the Hybrid Voting æpp team managed to:

  • combine the previously created ETH and AE prototypes in one æpp with functionality depending on the corresponding identity provider, either MetaMask (ERC20 AE tokens) or the Base æpp (Mainnet AE) which integrates with the Ledger Nano S and AirGap Vault;
  • start working on the æpp’s user interface;
  • create scripts that count the votes cast using both Mainnet and ERC20 AE tokens that allow anyone to verify that the votes are counted correctly;
  • start the development of a MultiSig contract.

Progress on the Voting æpp can be followed in the GitHub repo, while you can test the æpp here.

Finally, here is how an actual vote on the blockchain is displayed in the æternity Explorer:

See the transaction hash.

æternity Development Suite (Dev Suite)

The Dev-Suite aims to enable the ultimate dev experience by bringing together all æternity tools and services.

During the past few weeks, the guys from LimeChain — who are providing development support to æternity — focused on collecting all essential dev tools into a single powerful bundle called the Development Suite, or just Dev Suite. The primary goal is to:

Make it trivial to build æpps on æternity.

The æternity Dev Suite will incorporate all the following tools:

  • Playground — A tool that will enable anyone to build and showcase æpps that make use æternity’s off-chain scaling solution — state channels.

During the current sprint, the LimeChain team will add a new, better looking developer console, fix some bugs, and deploy a new version of the tool.

  • ForgAE — An æternity framework which helps with setting up an æpp project and makes the development of Sophia smart contracts very easy. It provides commands for compilation of smart contracts, running a local æternity node, unit testing and deployment of smart contracts.

In relation to ForgAE, the LimeChain team is currently working on a new release which will include fixes and enable the use of a standalone compiler. The networkId is already added to the history table.

  • Goggles — A tool that verifies the validity of any æternity transaction.

A new release of the Goggles tool will become available in the new SDK version.

  • Contracts AppA simple web application that showcases Sophia smart contracts.

A new release of the Contracts App will be included in the latest SDK version. It will include a standalone compiler.

To access all the latest updates coming from the æternity dev teams, go to the dedicated categories in the Forum:

Another summary of the most interesting updates will be posted here in the blog in two weeks.

To stay fully up-to-date, you are welcome to join the weekly Product Coordinators call every Friday at 12:00 AM CEST. We will share a link soon.

Interested in æternity? Get in touch:

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