Bounty: AE Token Mining Guides

In order to make it as easy as possible for the community to participate in the mining process, we are announcing a bounty for two mining guides.

Maybe you have already heard that thanks to the efforts of the æternity community, the 2Miners pool will enable AE token mining next month.

Moreover, again thanks to the social media efforts by the community, Charles from SavageMine dedicated an episode of his SavageMine show to mining to AE tokens. You can watch the episode here:

Finally, the core dev team is working on implementing Stratum support in the æternity node, which will make development of pools much easier and will improve the nodes connectivity. You can find updated information on the Stratum topic in this core dev update.

Stratum should become available by the next fork of the AE protocol, scheduled for May 28, 2019.

But Wait This Was Supposed to be a Bounty?

Yes! We are getting there!

æternity already has three mining pools:

  • beepool
  • f2pool
  • uupool

All of them feature their own mining guides and two of those are in Chinese. We have commissioned translations, and those will be ready soon and shared in the Forum. There is also a table that helps miners to orient themselves with the pools and available mining software. It can be accessed here:

However, to make it easier for miners to start mining AE, we would like to have step-by-step mining guides that incorporate all mining pools and mining software. This is the goal of the current bounty.

Bounty Rules and Requirements

æternity is announcing a bounty for two mining guides.

One for Linux and one for Windows. Each of the two guides must include step-by-step instructions on how to start mining AE tokens using specific mining software and all of the available pools. Here are the requirements:

1. The Linux guide must be divided into two parts. One dedicated to
deploying miners on clean Ubuntu builds, using the following mining software:

  • Hspminer
  • Bminer
  • KBMiner
  • CryptoDredge

And one dedicated to pre-built mining operating systems:

  • mineros
  • hiveos

2. The Windows guide must explain how to start mining using these miners:

  • Hspminer
  • ae-qskg
  • Bminer
  • CryptoDredge

3. Both guides must feature mining on all the currently available pools.

4. Both guides must include a part dedicated to setting up an AE account (wallet).

5. Both guides must be in English.

6. Both guides must feature detailed explanations of the required steps required to start using a specific mining software to mine on a specific pool.

7. The guides could be written or video.

  • Video guides must be uploaded here. Video guides must include detailed notes with all the commands, downloads, and network settings.
  • Written guides must be posted in this Forum category.

8. The bounty for the Windows guide is 400 AE tokens. The bounty for the Linux one is 600 AE tokens.

9. If you are interested to participate in the bounty, please inform us by adding a reply in this Forum topic.

10. The deadline for submitting your guide is 10.05.2019.

If you have any questions, please share them in this Forum topic:

Happy bounty hunting!

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