World’s first blockchain-tracing platform for medical cannabis is on æternity

Uruguay Can’s open source platform can be used for any crop.

Big News: Uruguay Can, a medical cannabis company, has launched a solution that traces the complete production cycle of the plant on æternity blockchain.

Created by blockchain development group Inmind, the platform enables complete traceability of medical cannabis from cultivation to harvest, down to packaging and distribution. This effort aims to raise security standards for international quality produce. Future developments plan to tap on the advanced features of æternity technology such as Oracles and State Channels.

The cannabis tracing platform will be deployed starting June and July — right on time for the planting phase for cannabis in the region. The platform is open source and can be reprogrammed to be applicable to any other crop. Developers just need to adjust parameters to fit the specific produce.

If you have any questions about the project, today’s episode of Superhero League is the perfect time to raise them!

Ask all your burning questions to the team behind the project. There will be a live demo and a Q&A session.

For those interested in using the platform for their own produce, check back next week — the code will be uploaded to Github and this post will be updated to include that link.

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