æ Mainnet turns two!

2 years and over 350000 blocks ago, æternity’s genesis block was mined

On the 28th of November 2018, a major milestone was reached — the first live incarnation of the æternity blockchain — Roma Release, was launched!

æternity founder Yanislav Malahov took the opportunity to tweet about the Genesis block hash.

“…æternity has created a system that delivers on the original promise of enabling faster transactions without sacrificing rich functionality and decentralization. The protocol is based on an entirely new architecture that builds on the lessons learned over the past 10 years of blockchain-focused research.”

To list a few major milestones since November 2018, æternity has made several major improvements:

Protocol improvements in the form of hard forks (Minerva, Fortuna, and Lima releases), the Fast æternity Transaction Engine — FATE, the decentralized naming system AENS, and implementation of built-in oracles into the protocol. In terms of functionality and utility systems, there’s æternity wallets, browser extensions, SDK improvements, and æternity’s unique middleware. æternity’s decentralized application ecosystem hosts platforms such as Superhero, Cryptic Legends, the Drone Graffiti Project, Homeport, ReCheck, Assessify, UTU, and many others.

With numerous community initiatives, events and hackathons, the community has expanded across continents and became a founding member of the International Token Standardization Association (ITSA).

These summarized achievements are merely the tip of the iceberg regarding everything that has happened in the previous 2 years of æternity.

And that’s why this week is dedicated to æ history!

For the incredible and ever-supporting æternity community, there will be an æternity knowledge-based quiz with #ThrowBack trivia questions and rewards for those who are most knowledgeable about æternity history. There will be two quizzes for you to demonstrate that you are a true æternity OG and grab some free tokens.

More about the quizzes is announced in our Telegram Community Group ! Don’t miss it because it will be a lot of fun!

Take a look back and deliberate on some of the most noteworthy achievements and milestones in the æternity universe from the past twenty four months!

There are plenty of major things coming up which will be posted here and on the Forum within the next weeks!

Did you know we believe in FATE? 🙂 The Fast æternity Transaction Engine, or FATE, outperforms other blockchain networks because of greater efficiency and 10 times less gas consumption, giving developers the advantage of low fees, even when scaling quickly.

Did you know that we brought ‘Liquid Democracy’ to Uruguay? That’s right! #aeternity partnered up with the Uruguay Digital Party to allow greater participation of citizens in political decisions at all levels, with true reliability.

Watch out for more trivia in line with this celebration which would also serve as a good warm-up for everyone who will join the Anniversary Telegram Quiz! All of you are invited to share your favorite æ moments, tech improvements, quotes, photos, and anything else using #celebratæternity .

Why is this week important?

The past years were spent on intensive research, development, and rigorous testing. The æternity ecosystem has built an engine ready to take the blockchain space to levels of performance never seen before.

Standards of scalability, security, and innovation continue to be raised by the ecosystem, now focused on spearheading the Blockchain Finance revolution.

In a very short time, the æternity ecosystem has already given rise to a wide range of decentralized applications and Blockchain Finance projects that promise to completely transform the finance sector. The potential use cases presented by æternity are limitless, while providing an efficient, cost-effective, accessible, and transparent framework for the new financial ecosystem.

As earlier mentioned, there will be some major announcements coming up for the ecosystem in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

The best is yet to come! ❤️

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